EuMBC – Compounders

We represent and defend the interests of
The European Masterbatchers & Compounders.

We represent and defend the interests of The European Masterbatchers & Compounders.

About us

Created in 2001, EuMBC (former ETHIC) is a Sector Group of EuPC and an international association of companies who have manufacturing operations in the EU, EEA and Turkey.

EuMBC represents and defends the interests of the European compounds and masterbatch producers vis-à-vis the European institutions and other professional organisations. It is particularly active in all fields related to the plastic industry (e.g. REACH, Food Contact or new technologies).


Represent and stimulate

We represent and stimulate the role of European Masterbatchers across the entire plastics value chain.


Provide expertise

We provide expertise about our business and EU regulatory developments and compliance.


Protect the interests

of our industry from other potentially adverse business impacts such as trade issues.


Increase visibility

of our role as Masterbatchers and Compounders vis-à-vis other European associations and the European institutions.

Why join us?

Joining the EuMBC Substance Monitoring Group offers numerous advantages for association members. As a member, you can actively engage in technical, regulatory, and monitoring activities, access vital REACH support, participate in the FREP and contribute to the development of PESTOOL.

You’ll also enjoy free access to EuMBC events, regular industry updates, and the opportunity to cooperate with EuPC. Moreover, you can engage in market sector activities to better understand industry perspectives.

Membership also includes participation in horizontal activities, addressing issues like energy policy, labor costs, trade matters, and HSE & Raw Materials Committees.

EuMBC offers exclusive industry access, regulatory support, and opportunities to collaborate in shaping a sustainable future.

Valérie Moise Cabot, President