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About EuMBC

EuMBC’s overall objective is to defend and promote the interests of the European thermoplastic independent compounders and masterbatchers through a number of activities.
EuMBC General Assemblies take place twice a year to discuss and to advance on the organisation’s objectives. The EXCOM (Executive Committee) meets also twice a year. In the meantime, our members receive continuous information and communication on the progress of EuMBC activities.


  • Defining and communicating EuMBC’s position on European regulations and policies.
  • Influencing the law-making process on legislation affecting our industry’s activities.
  • Maintaining and improving relationships with European institutions, other professional bodies and non- governmental organisations.
  • Carrying out business surveys to enable members to compare their companies’ performance with the European trends.


EuMBC has its own Substance Monitoring Group that meets two to three times per year. Additionally, the association launches specific projects according to the needs of EuMBC Members – for example projects focusing on TiO2, ATO, microplastics and nanomaterials. The EuMBC team can also help the member companies regarding issues with REACH legislation, specific substance monitoring, safety data sheets and provides regular information & updates on important topics concerning the industry.

Created in 2001, EuMBC (former ETHIC) is a Sector Group of EuPC and an international association
of companies who have manufacturing operations in the EU, EEA and Turkey.

EuMBC represents and defends the interests of the European compounds and masterbatch
producers vis-à-vis the European institutions and other professional organisations. It is particularly
active in all fields related to the plastic industry (e.g. REACH, Food Contact or new technologies).

As EuMBC is a sector group of EuPC, the European Association of Plastics Converters. The two
groups interact on a regular basis; EuMBC is for example active in FREP (Food contact Regulatory
Experts Panel), an organization within EuPC dedicated to regulatory issues of food contact plastics,
aiming at defining details about real compositional requirements in guidelines but also working with
other food contact actors on migration/exposure tools for the plastic industry in order to achieve
compliance with the regulations.

The SMEG monitors all relevant substances from a regulatory point of view and meets two (to
three) times per year to discuss technical and regulatory issues relevant for association members.
All EuMBC members can and are urged to send representatives to this group.

There are hundreds of different raw materials used by masterbatchers and compounders. Keeping
track of the legislation for all of them is not easy. The horizon scanning tool developed by the
EuMBC regulatory task force with input from EuMBC members is the solution to this problem. The
users are able to fill the CAS numbers of all their raw materials in and the tool automatically cross-
references them with all relevant regulatory lists that are regularly updated by the EuMBC staff.

FREP is the panel of plastics converters experts in food contact material regulations. It was
created in 2010 to have a representative body speaking on behalf of the plastic converting industry.
An EuMBC member is chosen to participate actively in this group and report to EuMBC members
about the meetings and developments.

EuMBC’s internal organisation

Board – nominated every two years, steering the activity of the Association

President – Valérie Moise, Cabot (Valerie.Moise@cabotcorp.com)

General Assembly reuniting once per year all members

Executive Team

Association management – Silvia Freni Sterrantino (silvia.freni-sterrantino@eupc.org)
Communication/administration – Aude Bourgeois (aude.bourgeois@eupc.org)
Regulatory/technical issues & SMEG – Norberto Fernandez
(norberto.fernandez.soriano@eupc.org )

EuMBC Membership

If you would like to apply for membership or receive more information about EuMBC please visit our
website www.compounders.eu or send us an e-mail at info@compounders.eu.

Twice per year all EuMBC members are invited to join the Annual Conference (in May in Brussels) as
well as the Annual General Assembly in combination with a SMEG meeting, dinner and a visit of a
European city (October/November).