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Sustainable, Biodegradable and Compostable Masterbatches by Ampacet

Ampacet recognizes the urgent need to minimize the environmental footprint of plastic products. In response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives, Ampacet has dedicated significant resources to develop sustainable masterbatches that enable the production of eco-friendly plastic goods and can also propose now a range of biodegradable and compostable masterbatches.

These innovative solutions, which incorporate recycled materials, bio-based additives, and other sustainable components, enable the creation of plastics that can readily break down in natural environments, reducing the long-term impact on ecosystems.

By integrating these solutions into their manufacturing processes and by encouraging the adoption of these material, Ampacet helps its customers produce more sustainable plastic products while maintaining their performance and quality but also, aims to foster a circular economy where plastic products can be safely returned to the environment, minimizing waste and pollution.

Ampacet designed and launched the BioRange+ masterbatch solutions for compostable plastic applications.

The BioRange+ portfolio includes white, black and color as well as additive masterbatches that have received TUV OK Compost INDUSTRIAL certification.  BioRange+ masterbatches comply with EN 13432:2000 composting standards, which allows end-use plastics to be fully and completely composted in an industrial composting facility.  The compostable plastics are ideal for applications which, during their use or re-use, are contaminated with food or other organic materials and at end-of-life are collected together with other organic wastes for industrial composting. They are designed for use with Starch/PBAT/PLA blends or PLA based compostable end-products.

BioRange+ HOME products in the portfolio include white and color masterbatches receiving TUV OK Compost HOME certification. These masterbatches are designed for use with home compostable materials used in the manufacture of products that will end up in domestic composting units.

Compostable applications range from carrier bags, trash bags, food storage, coffee capsules, tea bags, fruit and vegetable stickers in the food and retail industries to plant pots and mulch films in the horticulture and agriculture business.

To know more about Ampacet solutions for sustainability and circular economy, have a look at the video.